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Blagoevgrad is the biggest city in Southwest Bulgaria and the main city of the area and municipality of the same name. Blagoevgrad is a place with an outstanding beauty, surrounded by the mountains Rila and Pirin, and you can enjoy the views for forever! Because of the city large number of universities and students, you can easily say that it's only growing and it's a city that never sleeps. We recommend to everyone to enjoy a beautiful weekend in Blagoevgrad, do some sightseeing and fun, and of course, order food for your home or hotel in Blagoevgrad from foodpanda.

Fast food delivery in Blagoevgrad!

Doesn't matter if you have lived in Blagoevgrad for a long time or you're just visiting for a while, of course, you know that it's an exceptional city. You can visit the Vaptsarov theater, Varosha district or the Bachinovo park and soo many others places that there's no chance you get bored in there. But after so many walks, fun and cruising around, there's no way you don't get a bit hungry - and when you're hungry, the foodpanda platform becomes your best friend! The restaurants in Blagoevgrad, that foodpanda works with, are carefully selected so there's something for every taste you can order for you. So why don't you try ordering a tasty pork knuckle from Raffy Bar & Gelato? Or a delicious doner from Aladin Foods? – Wooha!

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We can deliver a light brunch to your office to give you the energy that you need to keep working. We can also deliver a large office lunch for all the colleagues, elegant dinners for romantic dates or lazy breakfasts for bed, for when you're on your days off. It doesn't matter how busy your schedule is, because to order food from foodpanda, you need exactly one minute (or less!) from your time, which will give you the meal desired.