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The town of Pleven or more famous as the "town of museums" is the third biggest town in Northern Bulgaria with an administrative center of the Pleven municipality. It's located in on even distances from the Danube river and Stara Planina mountain and it's one of the fastest growing towns in Bulgaria, because of it's port too, which is located close to it, but because of the good conditions and young people too. Located in the Mizia terrain with its clean air and streets, the town always attracts tourists who want to go there for a while, in the famous Kailuka park or to see the ancient fortress Storgozia. With the fast tempo the town grows, now it can offer something for all culinary enthusiasts with its wonderful restaurants, taverns and cafes, but that's not the best thing - with foodpanda you can order everything you want to eat for your home with a fast delivery to your door in Pleven!

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Now with us you have the opportunity to eat healthy, tasty and varied without even getting off your couch. There are a lot of good restaurants in Pleven and foodpanda works with most of them and can show you why for more than 2 years it's the biggest and most successful online food ordering platform in the country! We all know that coming home tired from work you want to munch on something, but the fridge is empty and your stomach wants its own - that's the moment we come in to help you and give you a fast delivery to your door, see how in 4 simple steps:

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There is only one thing hard in the whole process and it's what to choose from all the tempting food offers in Pleven. There is no need to worry and spend hours in the kitchen or roaming around supermarkets, for less than 5 minutes you can order food online in Pleven, garnished with a fast delivery to your front door.

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There are no limits to what you can order for your home and pamper yourself, the variety of foods that can be mixed with a delivery to your door is big! We have taken care for everyone and can offer everything from classic Bulgarian grill, authentic Japanese sushi or a fragrant Italian pizza with mozzarella just waiting for you on the table, without having to move a finger. It doesn't matter in which part of Pleven you live, without any fuss you can enjoy a fast delivery of a pizza, Chinese or Mediterranean cuisines so easy and fast.

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The biggest online food ordering platform is now in Pleven too and it wants to make happy all culinary enthusiasts with its variety of restaurants. There's no need even to ring the phone to make your order happen, you don't need a computer too, because with the foodpanda application it just can't be easier. What's better than the pizza or sushi to be in your pocket, literally on 1 click distance? You can download the foodpanda mobile application from Google Play or Apple App Store and enjoy grill, pizza, sushi or on of the best international cuisines in Pleven. The endless hours in the kitchen and the constant running in supermarkets is over, because foodpanda is now in Pleven and you can enjoy the easiest and fun platform when you order food for your home and enjoy the fast delivery we are offering you. Trust us and try it!