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Stara Zagora is one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria, a municipality, a district center and one of the biggest transport nodes in the country. Today Stara Zagora is one of the most important cities in Bulgaria, but through the years it was always a main town and one of the most ancient populated places in the world.

With such a rich history and culture Stara Zagora is a developed town full of life and many places that anyone can visit to have fun or eat. Of course, we at foodpanda care the most about delicious food and we always strive to deliver to you, our clients, the best food ordering and delivery service.

What food can you order for home in Stara Zagora?

If you're a Stara Zagora native, a tourist there, or visiting on a business trip and you want to order delicious food - we are here for you! From tasty doners, delicious grill and barbecue made by real masters of the grill and pizza with your favourite toppings to tempting Chinese food - foodpanda is ready and waiting for you to order! The best thing is that for all of those delicious offers there's no need to walk around all of Stara Zagora - foodpanda can deliver everything to your door as a food delivery. We have so many amazing restaurants you can order food from like Mehana Chanovete, Salabashevata Kushta, Aladin foods, Shtastliveca and many more!

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In foodpanda we take pride that we improve our service daily and you can get hot, delicious, irresistible food for less than 40 minutes! Just choose what you want to eat and we will materialize your food order right in front of your door in no time. Settle in comfortably, browse the restaurants which deliver to you and order delicious food for your home from foodpanda! If you're out with friends just use the foodpanda mobile application which you can find in Google Play and Apple App Store.